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InstanTM is a legal trademark agency in the field of intellectual property. We help you secure trademarks and domain names world wide!

By combining legal expertise with digital tools, we help companies to secure their trademarks and establish trademark strategies for expansion into new markets and when launching new products/services. InstanTM helps you work proactively to minimize the risk of future problems.

Are you a startup? Test InstanTM Startup Pack!

Many startups and creative companies build their trademark- and communication strategies wise but often fails to ensure the exclusive right to their trademark. But it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to protect your trademark. Try the new way – contact us!

Our services

InstanTM protects your IP rights, both trademarks and domain names!

We make sure that you have protection before you launch in a new market or start a new brand. We also protect and review your rights when you have already launched. Read more about how we can help you here or contact us.

Trademark Search Report

We quality assure your brand, do searches in international brand databases for similar or identical registered trademarks where the current and potential risks that exist for your brand are identified – and we will help you with any adjustments if necessary. We do this to minimize the risk of you applying for a brand that may infringe on other similar or identical brands.

InstanTM can never 100% guarantee that a trademark will be registered. Through our brand control in international brand databases, the risk that the application does not go through is minimized.

Trademark and Domain names services

Trademark services
Creation of trademark applications (PRV, EUIPO and WIPO and through local agents in other countries). Throughout the application process we are available for advice.

Should questions or concerns arise, you are always welcome to hear from us – we never charge for phone calls or emails.

Domain name services
We can register domain names under all top level domains in the world.

By using InstanTM as you domainname provider you get:
– DNS with extremely good uptime (possible to upgrade to premiumDNS)
– Domain name portal
– Domain support
– We take legal responsibility for your domain name portfolio

Legal services

Trademark – Legal services
We work with addressing objections, correspondence with authorities and all orders that can be submitted to an application.

InstanTM’s Legal Department can help your business with all kinds of legal issues. Our network not only focuses on IP – don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

Domain name – Legal services

  • Legal dispute proceedings
    • ADR, UDRP etc.
    • Local Agents (ccTLD)
  •  Acquisitions
    • help to safely buy up already registered domain name


Watching services

Trademark – Watching service
In order to keep your brand unique, you should keep an eye on all new trademark applications – so you can stop identical or similar applications in time before they became registered. When a trademark application at EU level is submitted to the authority, they do not stop, unlike the Swedish authority PRV, applications that are similar to previously registered trademarks. It is up to the trademark owner to make sure that no one registers a brand that is identical or similar to one’s own. Our surveillance service monitors databases and sends out weekly reports on new applications that make it possible to act against them in time.

Our Trademark Watch covers 62 jurisdictions, App store and Google Play.

Domain name – Watching service
Instead of holding too many defensive domain name registrations, it is often a good idea to have a domain name monitoring to keep track of the trademark as a domain name. Domain name watch is a simple way to gain control of any domain name infringement. If we find a hit, we will send you a report once a week



Frequently asked questions

What is InstanTM Startup Pack?

InstanTM Startup Pack provides you with an overall subscription service that helps and guides you to apply for your trademark as a EUTM, and deliver necessary related services during your first two years. EUTM is the name of European Union Trademark and is a trademark valid in all EU member countries.

Included in InstanTM Startup Pack is:

  • Application fee for a EUTM with up to two Nice classes
  • Classification of your goods and/or services
  • Light Trademark Search. A search for European trademark databases for identical or confusingly similar trademarks that might interfere with your trademark application
  • Consultation before the trademark application is filed
  • Trademark Watching Service for 24 months, covering 83 jurisdrictions, App Store, Google Play
  • Trademark Management Service for 24 months, (meaning we provide a EUIPO representative for your trademark who makes sure correspondence from EUIPO will not be missed)


  • Start fee: 2000 SEK
  • Monthly fee: 995 SEK in 24 month
What is a trademark?

A trademark is a sign that distinguishes your product/service from others. It creates recognition for your customers. No one else can use your registered trademark without your approval. And yes, this applies on the Internet as well.

What can you protect?

The definition of what is possible to protect is wide. For just EU trademarks, you can now protect any signs, in particular words, including personal names, or designs, letters, numerals, colours, the shape of goods or of the packaging of goods, or sounds, provided that such signs are capable of:

  • distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings; and
  • being represented on the Register of European Union trade marks in a manner which enables the competent authorities and the public to determine the clear and precise subject matter of the protection afforded to its proprietor.

If you want more information regarding these other registration possibilities, contact us!

Why do I have to describe what we will do under the trademark? (Trademark Classification)

When you apply for a trademark, you get a protection for the specific name or figure in the product or service classes that you have applied for.

So how is this done?
If you think about it, do you know any trademark names that are exactly the same? We think you do, this is because of the classification system. There is a possibility that you can apply and get a registration for trademarks that are exactly the same as other registered trademarks, as long as the product and services are not the same or similar.

The Trademark system is built with a so called classification system so you can distinguish different product- and services from each other.

The best known and used system is called after the city of Nice. The International Nice-classification system.

There is a total of 45 different Nice-classes. 34 product classes and 11 service classes. Depending on what kind of Trademark you are going to create a classification has to be made for your future products and services. The Trademark classification process is not easy and you have to include parts like; future strategies, legal parts and industry Know-how.

When you have applied for you trademark, it is not possible to add more classes afterwards. All changes you want to do require a new trademark application, which is both time consuming and expensive.

Our recommendation is that you always think five years ahead. When you, hopefully, have your trademark registered, you have five years to start using the trademark in all registered product- and service classes. If you aren’t using it, there is a risk that another party starts a cancellation process of your Trademark – in, not used classes – or in worst case, the whole registration.

How long is the application time?

For EUTM the application process is about 4 months. Assuming that no one objects against the trademark application and there is no Office Action.

Who can own a trademark?

An individual, company or several holders combined.

Is trademark protection important for the value?

Yes, if you have a good and proactive trademark (IPR) strategy this can give you many advantages. For example, if you are negotiating with investors this can be used advantageously in the process. Or, when the time comes and you want to sell your business and trademarks, you almost in all cases get a higher value. How much higher? Well, this depends. and our consultants can help you set up a strategy for the future.

What does it mean if I infringe on somebody else’s registered trademark right?

A trademark infringement means that a trademark is being used identically or confusingly similarly compared to an already registered trademark by another party. By doing so, the “infringer” is violating the exclusive rights that the current trademark owner is entitled to. The consequence by infringing someone else’s trademark rights can be huge and expensive. In some cases, there is also imprisonment in the scale of penalties.

What does an Office Action mean?

When you apply for a Trademark the authority will examine your application. Different jurisdictions have different rules. If your application doesn’t fulfill the requirements needed, you will be sent an Office action. For example, the process within EUIPO (EUTM) is the following:

  1. Classification – The goods and services you seek protection for are reviewed to see if they have been correctly classified and their nature has been clearly indicated
  2. Formalities – All the details you have entered on your application are reviewed to make sure that everything is as it should be; the signature, languages, owner and/or representative data, priority and/or seniority claims are all reviewed.
  3. Absolute grounds – Your trade mark is analyzed to see whether it is distinctive but not descriptive.
  4. Translation – Your trade mark application is translated so that details of it can be published in all the official languages of the European Union.
  5. We carry out a search in the EUTM database for identical and/or similar marks. The results are sent to you before we file your trade mark application.
What is Trademark Search Report Light

The Trademark Search Report Light is made on all trademark applications as a service for instanTM clients. The search is made in all European trademark databases and will give you a result of confusingly similar trademarks that might interfere with your application. This is done because we want to minimize problems in the application process.

What is a Trademark Objection?

A submitted trademark application has, in most regions, an objection period (Three months in EU for EUTM) where an objection can be submitted stating reasons why the trademark application should not be accepted and registered.

What is the difference between ® and ™?

® Registered symbol – You can only use this symbol if your trademark is registered. This is a quality stamp and means that you actually have a trademark registered.

™ Trademark symbol – You can use this symbol when you want to state that you use the particular sign as your trademark, or before you have got your trademark application approved.

Our recommendation is to use the ® sign.

What is a Trademark Watch?

In most jurisdictions it ́s up to you as a previous trademark owner to react on new trademark applications. How do you do it? You use a trademark watching service. We will send you a report every week that report if there are any similar hits.

Why should I register my trademark?
  • Exclusive Right – It gives you an exclusive right to use your trademark name or logo in the fields and markets that your trademark is registered in. For example you can stop piracy copies and products that you haven’t approved.
  • Trademark assurance – You get some kind of approval that you ́re not infringing on other companies registered trademarks.
  • Increased Value – Your trademark evaluation will increase. A trademarked brand is a safer brand to invest in.

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