What does an Office Action mean?

When you apply for a Trademark the authority will examine your application. Different jurisdictions have different rules. If your application doesn’t fulfill the requirements needed, you will be sent an Office action. For example, the process within EUIPO (EUTM) is the following:

  1. Classification – The goods and services you seek protection for are reviewed to see if they have been correctly classified and their nature has been clearly indicated
  2. Formalities – All the details you have entered on your application are reviewed to make sure that everything is as it should be; the signature, languages, owner and/or representative data, priority and/or seniority claims are all reviewed.
  3. Absolute grounds – Your trade mark is analyzed to see whether it is distinctive but not descriptive.
  4. Translation – Your trade mark application is translated so that details of it can be published in all the official languages of the European Union.
  5. We carry out a search in the EUTM database for identical and/or similar marks. The results are sent to you before we file your trade mark application.