InstanTM has been up and running for 1 year – and what a year it has been! Hipp Hipp Hurray!

We have met and helped many exciting startup companies, held lectures and workshops in coworking spaces and at startup hubs, we’ve had the opportunity to write articles and blog posts on exciting social platforms, built a nice customer base and joined many interesting collaborations. In the coming year, a big bunch of exciting news, meetings and challenges awaits – and we look forward to it!

The most common questions / statements we encountered during our first year are:

  1. “We are a brand new company, why do we need to protect our brand?”

Answer: Placing a large amount on marketing a brand without owning it can result in costly problems. Therefore, sooner than rather, it is important to quality assure and protect your brand in the countries where it will be used. It gives you exclusive right to your brand, helps you to not infringe on someone else’s rights and it also increases the value of the brand – who wants to invest in a brand that is not exclusive?

  1. “We do not have the economic opportunity right now, so we will have to wait with trademark protection.”

Answer: For many smaller companies and start-ups, it can be a financial strain to apply for trademark protection by a traditional trademark application process. InstanTM allows you to avoid the large one-time fees, which makes it possible to be proactive and apply for trademark registration in time. Problems often occur when your brand starts to get famous – you want it secured before that.

  1. “At the moment, we are only active in Sweden, why should we apply for trademark registration in all EU member countries?”

Answer: Today with internet as a market tool it is very easy to expand a business to other countries. If you register your trademark in Sweden, you only have protection there. What happens if someone else register your trademark outside of Sweden and you later want to expand? – you will have to build a new brand outside of Sweden. In conclusion, be sure to secure the right to your brand in all EU member countries from the beginning, to make sure your path to new markets is already paved.

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